Tire Flip 180

€1.975 €2.100

The innovative Tireflip enables a versatile functional workout on the tire for up to four people.

• Basic resistance: 40Kg
• Space for additional pane weight: 6x 2.5kg
• 4 bumpers for noise reduction
• Anchors for battle ropes and ribbons
• Anchoring points for the floor

Measurements and weight:

Diameter: 145cm

Weight: 125kg

The Tireflip 180 offers safe, functional training on a small scale
Room. Benefit from the space-saving design and use
nevertheless all the advantages of a wide range of tire training courses. Through the
swivel arm, you always train in the same place.
Use the tire to jump or turn. Hit you
on it or use the anchors for a battle rope training.

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